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Working Out in the Winter

Winter is finally here, with warmer das spread out thin and the threat of snow more present than ever. With options for outdoor exercise limited, you may begin to incorporate more indoor activities to your workout routine in order to keep moving throughout the winter. However, higher levels of movement can lead to a higher risk of sustaining an injury. Prevent getting hurt this winter by following these tips!

Ease your way into new types of exercise

Your body may not be used to moving in certain ways, and will need time to adjust to new exercises. When starting a new workout routine, begin by doing 10% of the number of reps you would usually perform. Each week, increase by an additional 10% in order to give your body time to learn new movements, stimulate dormant muscles and condition your muscles and tendons to prevent tears.

Prioritize stretching

Stretching is critical to any form of exercise: it gives you time to get blood circulating in the  areas you are looking to concentrate on and helps strengthen the muscles, reducing the chance of injury. Getting hurt at the gym can leave you on the sidelines for weeks at a time as you recover. 

Listen to your body

Do you have a tendency to keep pushing yourself once you start to feel your workout? This can quickly lead to injury due to overuse. Make sure you listen to your body when you start to feel pain and take breaks. Use a different part of your body for each workout to make sure everything is being exercised and to give other muscles time to rest. An overuse injury can require months of physical therapy and rest to fully recover, leaving you out of the gym. Stop your workout as soon as you start to feel tired and go home to rest. Going harder will only leave you more vulnerable to injury. 

Work out with a buddy

If you are new to working out at the gym or certain types of exercise, make sure you start with a trainer or specialist to help you learn how to best exercise for your body. If you do not wish to use a trainer, work out with a friend who can teach you how to use new machines and help you determine the best time to stop.

Workout & Sports Injury Treatment in 

If you sustain an injury while exercising, don’t wait to get it looked at or try to power through it. Visit AFC Urgent Care for quick diagnosis and treatment. After performing digital imaging tests, we will be able to provide efficient treatment and have you on your way in no time. Our center is open seven days a week with extended evening hours to fit your schedule.