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What Are Common Treatments Available at Urgent Care

Did you know that urgent care centers are one of the fastest growing parts of the healthcare industry? With convenient locations, high quality care, and affordable prices, more and more people are starting to turn to urgent care centers to get the treatment they need for a variety of medical conditions. Urgent care centers can treat almost any injury that isn’t life threatening, but let’s discuss some of the most common cases they typically see.

Fractures and Sprains

Fractures and sprains are a common occurrence, especially in kids and athletes. An urgent care can x-ray the injured area and examine it to determine if it’s fractured or sprained. Then, they can provide either a cast or brace and refer you to specialist as needed based on your injury. Going to an emergency room for a fracture or sprain will result in almost identical treatment, but you’ll wait hours for treatment and leave with a way bigger bill.

Cuts and Burns

Minor to moderate cuts and burns most commonly occur while cooking or doing other household tasks. As long as it isn’t a large area that’s affected and the bleeding isn’t uncontrollable, and urgent care center can offer treatment. Stitches, staples, and sterile dressings are some of the treatment options that may be used.


There’s a long list of infections that can be treated at an urgent care center. Pink eye, ear infections, UTI’s, strep throat, and bronchitis are some of the most common. A healthcare professional at urgent care will test the affected area, diagnose the infection, and offer antibiotics or other necessary treatment options. Infections need to be treated quickly, so visiting an urgent care is better than waiting for the next available appointment at a traditional doctor’s office.


Urgent care can provide flu vaccines as well as testing for the flu if you have symptoms. If your flu test is positive, they can provide you with treatment options to make your symptoms more manageable and follow-up to ensure you’re healing on schedule.

Covid-19 Testing and Treatment

If you think you’ve been exposed to covid-19 or if you’re displaying possible covid-19 symptoms, a nearby urgent care center can provide covid-19 testing. If you have symptoms that need to be managed, they can help with that as well.

Urgent care centers provide comprehensive care with no appointment needed. Most major insurance companies are accepted and out-of-pocket costs are kept as low as possible. Stop waiting to get the care that you need, visit an urgent care center today!