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What does pediatric urgent care do for my child?

Post-pandemic urgent care is a crucial service that can facilitate COVID testing, immediate injury treatment, non-emergency healthcare services, and same-day medical exams. Specifically, pediatric urgent care that specialize in same-day pediatric healthcare make it easier for parents to meet their child’s healthcare needs.

Urgent care centers provide a faster, more affordable, and more accessible healthcare experience for all families. Keep reading before to learn more on how your child can get better access to urgent care, how they can stay safe during the COVID pandemic, and the services available at urgent care for an affordable rate:

Pediatric urgent care can get your child fast, high-quality care without a hospital wait

Pediatric urgent care providers can give your child high-quality healthcare without the long wait or big ER bill at a hospital. The types of services available for patients of all ages that are available at a local urgent care center include the following:

  • X-Rays: Anyone that needs an x-ray, including pediatric patients, can visit an urgent care center and get their x-ray completed without the hospital wait.
  • Sport and Camp Physicals: Does your child need to get a physical for the school year or for a school sport? Then just visit an urgent care provider that offers pediatric physicals for back to school and school sports!
  • Cold and flu treatment: Prepare for the school year by having your child come in for seasonal illness treatment for colds and flu. Additionally urgent care centers provide flu shots to keep patients safe during flu season.

Walk-in clinic access for immediate access

Pediatric urgent care also provides walk-in clinic access so that your child’s injuries and sudden non-emergency medical needs can be met on the same day as their visit.

A walk-in clinic is staffed by urgent care providers that can triage injuries including cuts, bruises, scrapes, and mild sprains/bone injuries. Urgent care staff are ready to ensure that all patients are able to get the appropriate care for physical injuries right away.

Walk-in clinics also provide an easier way to get lab tests, blood work, exams, and other preventive care needs when it fits your schedule. Just visit the clinic with your child and you’ll be seen by an urgent care provider after a short wait!

COVID-19 Care for Pediatric Patients

Urgent care centers are available to provide COVID care for patients of all ages, and AFC Urgent Care Cedar Grove provides vaccines and COVID-19 tests as well.

COVID-19 vaccines are available for patients 16 and up with some of those guidelines changing for younger patients. Our urgent care center offers the Moderna vaccine for patients that register through our online portal. Check with our team first to see if your child (likely around 16 or older) is elligible for a vaccine.

Additionally, children that need to go back to school, or participate in social activities and sports, can get same-day rapid COVID-19 testing at our urgent care center. All COVID-19 tests are able detect all variants of COVID, which means that your child will always get the most accurate test. Our Abbott COVID tests take only minutes to determine if your child has a COVID infection and allows you to minimize their risks. All COVID testing and COVID care is maintained through CDC-recommended guidelines for sanitation.

If you need to get your child medical care ASAP, then it makes sense to visit AFC Urgent Care West Orange today for COVID testing, sport and school physicals, injury treatment, and more!