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Flu Shots in West Orange, NJ

With fall in its earliest stages, it is time to prepare for flu season. Flu season lasts from early fall through late spring, leaving the contagious influenza virus with plenty of opportunity to spread through your household and workplace. However, you can avoid getting sick by getting a flu shot early in the season! The flu shot is different every year to best prevent against the current strain of flu.

What is a flu vaccination?

The flu vaccination is an injection of a weakened or dead strain of the influenza virus, which allows your body to detect and learn how fight against it. Because the flu mutates and changes every year, it is important to get an annual flu shot. The vaccination takes about two weeks to set in, so getting the shot earlier, in September to mid-October, is beneficial in terms of providing you more time at the start of the season to become immune.

Who Should Get a Flu Shot

The flu shot is recommended for anyone over six months old. Depending on certain risk factors, you should consider getting a flu shot earlier in the season. These include:

  • People with chronic health conditions
  • Pregnant women
  • Senior citizens
  • Children under the age of 8

If you have questions about the flu shot, you should consult with your physician during your visit. 

Flu Shots in West Orange, NJ

If you are interested in protecting yourself and your family against the flu this year, visit AFC Urgent Care West Orange today! Our walk-in urgent care center is open seven days a week, with extended evening hours for your convenience. If you want more information on the flu shot, please call 973-669-5900.