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Seasonal Allergy Treatment

Seasonal Allergy Treatment in West Orange, NJ

Nip your seasonal allergies in the bud with treatment at AFC Urgent Care West Orange.
Our walk-in urgent care center treats a number of seasonal allergy symptoms such as:

  • Sneezing
  • Post-nasal Drip
  • Congestion
  • Itchy/Puffy Eyes
  • Headache

Open seven days a week, our walk-in clinic is here to treat your seasonal allergies – no appointment necessary!  A short visit with us will give you an effective treatment plan to get your symptoms under control and make walking outside a breeze!
While we can treat your seasonal allergy symptoms, here are some ways you can reduce your exposure to things that may trigger your symptoms include:

  • Staying indoors on dry, windy days
  • Wear a pollen mask for outside chores such as lawn mowing and gardening
  • Remove clothes you’ve worn outside and shower to rinse pollen from your skin and hair
  • Don’t hang laundry outside

For more information about our seasonal allergy treatment, please call us at 973-669-5900 or visit our urgent care center today!