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“The wait was short and the Dr. Was Amazing she knew exactly what I had and treated me accordingly. She made sure she cover everything to improve my health and to make me feel better. The best medi center visit I ever had.”

– Danielle A.

“This is a very nice and efficient place. The doctor was great and the receptionist was kind. Very clean and a good experience all around.”

– Jane C.

“Wonderful experience I just left with my very sick child, my own pediatrician turned us away today, and they treated my baby as if he was their own. The Dr was caring and compassionate, the nurse Priscilla was caring and attentive. Thank you so much for being so kind to us and making my boy smile today. Thank you, keep up the good work.”

– Christine M.

“I highly recommend this facility. Lavora, Priscilla, Kate-Lynn were most welcoming and understanding during my issue and Dr. O was informative and most helpful in addressing my concerns. Great place to get urgent care!!!!”

– Tam R.

“I had two visits already & their were GREAT experiences. I showed up after work at 4:45pm on both occasions. Fast service even with picking up my prescription at CVS that’s right next door. FYI: second visit I needed x-rays I was done by 6pm. Just in time to make dinner. Great. Great. Great.”

– Suzana R.

“The staff was very helpful and the doctor, as expected, was very knowledgeable and understanding.
Best staff so far at any emergency care.”

– Erlyn T.

“I have used this urgent care clinic several times, both for an injury and for work-related physical exams. I have always been treated very courteously and respectfully. I always felt that while being examined, I had the doctor’s full attention. I have always felt that the doctors and staff were very professional and knowledgeable. Since it is a walk-in clinic, wait times do vary.”

– Marc A.

“I was very impressed. The staff is very, very nice. Very clean place. I was seen by Dr. Avery Browne, who I thought was very compassionate & professional. I would recommend this clinic to all my friends.”

– Carmel F.

“The staff were all very courteous and professional, explained everything they were doing. Kept me informed in regard to next steps. The Doctor was excellent, explained why he was ordering certain tests then went over the results with me. I was very happy with the great healthcare I received.”

– Jo-Ann G.

“This place was very clean and well organized. The staff was pleasant and efficient. I was in and out in about an hour this morning and they were pretty busy. MD was fast and concise. She listened to me and understood my symptoms. By the time I walked out of the exam room to the front desk my discharge paperwork was done and prescription was already sent electronically. Coming from a healthcare background I feel this place did an awesome job. Very satisfied and will definitely come back!”

– Danielle M.

“We had a very positive experience with this center. We went in on a Tuesday afternoon and were seen waiting 15 min for sutures. We were very impressed with the level of care and attention to cleanliness. Will definitely go back for minor issues. Well worth avoiding the ER. Staff was very pleasant and efficient.”

– Katrina S.

“Staff was kind. Service was quick. Doctor was great.”

– Majd S.

“I really have to say that I was impressed with this place. The waiting room is clean and comfortable. The nurses who assisted me through the process were polite and helpful. I was feeling so sick when I got there, and as soon as the Doctor heard my lungs she ordered me a breathing treatment. When she returned afterward to hear them (which I was so glad to see took her very little time) she listened to my lungs again and said “Melissa, I need to order a chest x-ray, I am concerned that you may have pneumonia.” I laughed. I have never had pneumonia in my entire life! The nurse came in right away and guided me back to their on-site x-ray room. When the Doctor came back in I couldn’t believe my ears. I REALLY DID HAVE PNEUMONIA! The Doctor knew exactly what medications that she needed to write for me. I am in recovery, and she took the time to ensure I had a non-narcotic regimen, and sent everything to the pharmacy of my choice. When I got back to the waiting room, I was directed to feel free to take some of the facemasks which were already waiting on the counter, and I was told that until I had a full 2 days of antibiotics in my system, I would be contagious. I needed an excuse note, as well as detailed documents with my diagnosis and treatment information. They were in my hands within moments. I give this urgent care a 10/10. Highly recommend utilizing a place like this instead of going to the dreaded emergency room! Thank you! I feel much better now.”

– Lissa R.

“I have a special needs daughter and the staff was so accommodating! They were calm and patient it could not have gone any smoother! Thank you!”

– Brech J.

“Service was professional and very courteous. The staff made me feel comfortable and the info required was not overwhelming. Doctor was very personal and had a calming effect. Appreciated the follow up call to check my recovery progress. All in all I would say well done.”

– Marcia C.

“The entire staff is not only professional, but warm with a great sense of humor. They were Great!”

– Kyle C.

“Expert care delivered quickly. Staff were polite and the physician was engaging and knowledgeable. Pleasant, well appointed waiting room. Exam rooms were clean and quiet. Prescriptions were submitted electronically. Received a call-back two days later to inquire as to my progress.”

– Bob T.

“I had a wonderful and professional experience with all of the staff at this facility. From the front desk receptionist, to the medical assistant, to the XRay Tech, and finally, to Dr. Bassam Odatalla, MD. As a healthcare provider, I appreciate when a physician takes their time and “listens” to the patient’s problem. At the end it was not a simple sprained ankle, but an underlying issue that required proper evaluation questioning in order to diagnose the origin of the pain properly. Thank you folks and keep providing top quality healthcare services. The patient appreciates it…”

– Oscar P.

“I went to that Urgent Care and the service was excellent. The staff got me in and out with no waiting at all. A couple of days later, one the staff called me for a follow-up. This is the best experience I had for visiting an Urgent Care. Wanted to say thank you to Dr. Browne, he was the attending physician, and staff. I will definitely come back if I ever needed an Urgent Care again.”

– Margarette P.

“The doctor’s office was clean, professional and courteous.”

– Irena B.

“Very clean facility, courteous staff, and very good bedside manner by the physician. Would love to make this place my regular “go-to” for my check-ups and everything else.”

– Ladyy L.

“Everyone acted very professional and the facility is kept neat and clean. The doctor that had seen me took his time and explained what was wrong with my knee. The nurses/aids help with my brace and explained treatment. I will be going back to follow up.”

– Roberto T.

“I will definitely be going back here. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I walked in filled out my paper work and within ten minutes I was being taken to the back to see the nurse and doctor, who were both so nice and informative. I was in and out within an hour.”

– Olivia B. 

“Great experience. Friendly & caring staff. Clean office. Did not have to wait long. Diagnosis was correct. Treatment was correct. Follow up was pleasant. Highly recommend this Urgent Care Site. Thanks all staff members.” 

– Ellie W. 

“Great experience! Went in for a rolled ankle just to make sure that nothing was broken and that everything checked out alright. Efficient and friendly. X-ray in office was even more convenient!”

– Kim G. 

“Fast, friendly service. Doctor actually listened to me regarding which anti-biotic works best for me. Highly recommend.”

– Teresa S. 

“SUPERB! The staff was extra polite, courteous, and very helpful. I brought my toddler with me and they even entertained her with things to color with. They were super nice to me. I would highly highly recommend! Wish I could give them a million stars! They deserve it!”

– Chelsea

“Very friendly staff, clean facility and the physicians/doctors on staff have been extremely helpful. A great alternative to crowded emergency rooms.”

– Daryl G.

“I have visited this urgent care center twice and saw two different doctors. In both visits, I had very good experiences with the staff and the doctors seen. They are all very professional, caring and knowledgeable. Also, the wait time is very minimal and I never felt rushed. I will definitely be utilizing their services again and recommend them to all.”

– Angie B. 

“So pleasant and attentive. They even offered us water bottles while in the waiting area. Clean, lovely and efficient staff and doctors. I recommend this office to anyone!”

– Brittany W. 

“I was in town for the holidays and needed to see a doctor. I was extremely impressed and satisfied with the services and facilities. I was seen within 15 minutes of arriving. This will be my go to doctor when I’m in town visiting family. Very impressed!”

– Christine G.

“Staff is very friendly, and the doctors have a great bedside manner.”

– Nancy H.

“Great service and a fast turnaround with a diagnosis. The staff is competent and very efficient, had a wonderful experience even though I was sick with pneumonia. Will definitely return if anything else may go wrong.”

–  Maria N.

We’ve been there for staples to close lacerations, glass splinters, bad poison ivy infections, sprained ankles, etc. (I have 4 kids). I’ve had nothing but great experiences. The Staff and doctors are courteous and professional. Wait times reasonable. Billing department couldn’t be more accommodating. Highly recommend.”

Richard S.

Yes, I’d definitely recommend friends/family here. I came in I was so sick suffering with Asthma, the Staff and Physician on duty took such great care of me. Thank you so much it was greatly appreciated.”

– Valerie W.

The doctors and the staff at AFC Urgent Care are the best. They provide excellent service. This was my second time there and I can tell you that I was not disappointed. I like that they are open 7 days per week and that they are so close to home. I recommended a friend to this urgent care and she also had positive feedback. Thank you!


“I had a very good experience at Doctors Express West Orange. The doctor was excellent – thorough, understanding, and very helpful. The other staff members were great. The receptionist explained how long I would have to wait, which I appreciated. She was gracious and friendly. The nurse who assisted was also very good, as well as the x-ray technician. I also appreciated the office. It is new and very clean. The colors and decor are warm and relaxing. It was altogether a very good experience. I will definitely go back if I have to. I have already recommended Doctors Express to my friends. I am a school nurse, so if my families need immediate medical care, I will share this information, as well.”

– Laura S.

“I visited AFC Urgent Care for an ankle injury and to ensure I didn’t have a fracture. I was there for only one hour including wait time, speaking with the doctor, getting x-rays and receiving the results as well as dressing my wounds. The staff was very attentive, friendly and caring. Nurse Gina Caputo was kind enough to give me some extra bandages to take home for my wounds. I would definitely return!”

– Melissa M.

“Wait time was decent. I was there for one hour total from stepping in and signing in to stepping out with discharge papers. Nice environment and ambiance. Friendly and caring staff. I believe the Doctor actually cared and wasn’t just after your money. Everyone took time with me and made me feel better especially when I was sick. I would absolutely go again if I am not feeling well.”

– Dena M.

“Best visit and modern!! Doc. saw me quickly and had great bedside manner. We chatted about my issues and he submitted a prescription electronically. By the time I got to the pharmacy it was ready. This is my second visit to them in need. Great place and trustworthy!”

– Samir A.

“I came in with a bad sinus/ear infection, was seen quickly, examined thoroughly, and given the right medicine. A few days later, I’m feeling a lot better. Thanks to Dr. Browne and Lena for taking such good care of me!”

-Rose O.

“I returned from a trip abroad feeling really awful. It was Easter Sunday and I didn’t think that this place would be open but sure enough they were, and for that I am grateful, The intake form was quick and easy. They asked for very basic information, which is really appreciated when you are feeling very miserable. There is ample seating in the waiting area. I was seen by a nurse within 10 minutes, who asked me about symptoms, took my blood pressure, and tested me for the flu. Shortly thereafter, I was seen by a doctor who believed that I had picked up E. Coli poisoning and perhaps something else (which I did; the dreaded norovirus). The doctor carefully went through my symptoms as I experienced them so she could determine the cause, along with the countries that I visited in the last 60 days (Cuba and El Salvador). I was given a prescription for antibiotics, which they had filled next door at CVS with priority so I could get home ASAP. The nurse was very nice and efficient, as was the doctor. The same nurse followed up with my test results by phone 48 hours later. The care felt very personalized for a doctor’s office, let alone for an urgent care clinic. Great location in West Orange right off of Eagle Rock Road, across from the Whole Foods. Good parking. It is also immaculate. I would come back here if needed.”

– Ash O.

“I was so grateful to find help the evening before a holiday weekend. Within 10 minutes I had completed the necessary paperwork and was seated in a room waiting for a doctor. I received a diagnosis and a prescription that started my recovery that evening. The staff was delightful. The office was clean. The service was good. I recommend this urgent care center.”

– Karen D.

“My experience at AFC Urgent Care was fantastic. I came in as I had hurt my wrist falling and needed an x-ray. I was in and out in less than 40 minutes. I highly recommend using them.”

– Emma F.

“I don’t have health insurance & had to get some x-rays taken. Not only was it reasonably priced, but they also walked me through everything they would be doing and asked me if I wanted to proceed before they ever did anything and then charged me for it later without giving me the option which I really appreciated. Expect to pay in full the day of your visit if you do not have health insurance, $100 before being seen, the rest after. I went first thing so I didn’t wait to be seen, I went right in. They also provided me with a prescription discount card, and a free follow -up visit that was covered under my first visit. Everyone was so attentive & kind. I will definitely be back for any other illnesses or ailments.”

–  Gabrielle S.

“I rarely take the time to write reviews, but I found this place on a web search, desperate for a Doctor, I didn’t even care if they take my insurance (they did!) as my next option was checking myself into a hospital! Had a bad flu, a live person actually answered the phone, said come over, I went in this modern clean facility and right away acknowledge by the excellent front desk person and taken care of, by an excellent young female Indian Doctor (didn’t get her name) who assured me I was better than I thought and properly diagnosed me, treated me with a breathing exercise, gave me the Rxs I needed and the very next day I felt a nice improvement!!! Cannot say enough about this place and then I even get a follow up call from ‘Estelle’ to check on me!”

–  Marc D.

“I could not have asked for a better experience. Filled out my information online which made check in extremely simple and fast. I was checked in and out and was barely late to work. Believe the reviews, you wish your primary doctor was this … efficient, friendly, and helpful. I will definitely be returning if the situation calls for it.”

– Jerome J.

“I was so impressed with this facility. The staff was warm and caring and the doctor I met with was wonderful. The facility is also very clean. I recommend this place if you need any urgent care. They were a very caring group. I am glad I found this place over others I have gone to in the past.”

– Barbara P.

“I had a wonderful experience here: everyone very friendly….. extremely professional and comprehensive in their search for the cause of my illness…. clean facilities….. I cannot say enough good things about the care I received, including a follow-up visit the next day….thank you!!!”

-Debbie S.

“I have visited AFC Urgent Care two times and I love this place. The staff is pleasant and friendly there is never a wait. Each time I’ve gone, I was in and out within 45 minutes. I highly recommend this facility!”

–  Delya H.

“After a family member realized that the situation needed medical attention and the primary doctor’s office was closed and the emergency room was not an option because that would be a day/night waiting to be seen on a Sunday we took our very first trip to AFC Urgent Care Urgent Care facility.  We were greeted by a great group of young ladies at the front desk who were caring, compassionate & friendly kudos to Estelle, Vannia & Sheena! As my family member was being checked in I was observing the facility and noticed how clean the waiting area was. As we were called in to the exam room in passing I observed the hallway and the other exam rooms along with the room we were in and took note that all were noticeably super clean. The attending physician Dr Yumie Nishida was very knowledgeable, attentive, thorough, caring informative & precise.  The wait was much shorter than we expected.”

–  KP M.

“I visited this urgent care the morning after a visit to a hospital emergency room.  While the emergency room staff took care of the wound, the staff at AFC Urgent Care Urgent Care in West Orange not only took further care of the wound, they also took care of me. The staff was friendly (we even shared a few laughs), extremely helpful and thorough.  I left with clear instructions on what I needed to do to take care of the wound at home to continue its healing.  The facility was clean and the wait was short. I felt I was in good hands.”

–   Kristen Y.

“I’ve been here twice. Once for prolonging sinus issues and another time for messing up my hand in a roller skating incident. I love this place. I love the staff. This is my go to doctor spot now.”

–  Brad N.

“I wish all my doctor visits were this easy. I don’t go to the doctor often but when I do I need to go now. I registered on line, so all my paper work was done before I got there. Check in was quick and easy, and was brought in quickly. Everyone was friendly and helpful. And put my concerns to rest. I will not have any concerns about where to go after this visit. Thank you for helping me feel better.”

– Mark P.

“It was my first time at AFC Urgent Care Urgent Care and it was a very pleasant experience! The staff and nurse was nice and caring and the doctor I met, Dr. Yumie Nishida was very kind, helpful and informative. The facility is also very clean. I would recommend this place if you need any urgent care.”

– Anna L.

“I stopped in after dinner today with pain around the ear and jaw. The office staff was super friendly, courteous and efficient. The amount of paperwork was just enough to give them the pertinent information (1 page and a few signatures)… I was able to be seen by the doctor rather quickly. She was very thorough, pleasant, competent and professional. I was in and out in less than 30 minutes as a walk-in! I would definitely use this facility again.”

– Luis D.

“My husband woke up on Sunday with a bad cough, headache and body aches and needed to see a doctor immediately. I could not see him sitting in the ER for an extended period of time so we decided to try AFC Urgent Care in West Orange. This was definitely the right decision. The wait time was very short, the entire staff was friendly, attentive and truly seemed to care about my husband. They were able to run lab work and take a chest x-ray to find out he had pneumonia. I would not hesitate to return to this facility or recommend them to others. Thank you AFC Urgent Care for your care of my husband.”

– Patty H.

“There was no wait, the staff and doctors were extremely friendly and helpful, and the office was immaculate and well organized. The doctor quickly diagnosed my problem and gave me a detailed printout, and my prescription was waiting for me at the pharmacy when I arrived. They even followed up the next day with a phone call to see how I was doing. Prompt, competent, courteous service; what more could I ask for?”

– Pinchas T.

“I was there a few weeks ago with my son for an x-ray for a broken toe. I couldn’t be more pleased with the staff, doctors and facility. So happy they are in West Orange and it also saves a trip to the hospital!”

– Carol C.

“Very positive experience. Short wait in spotless office. Staff is pleasant and very professional, and treatment was thorough. Really the best one could possibly hope for in a walk-in facility.”

– M.K.

“I wish all my doctor visits were this easy. I don’t go to the doctor often but when I do I need to go now. I registered on line, so all my paper work was done before I got there. Check in was quick and easy, and was brought in quickly. Everyone was friendly and helpful. And put my concerns to rest. I will not have any concerns about where to go after this visit. Thank you for helping me feel better”

– Mark P.

“I am very sick with a fever, throwing up, body aches, sore throat and cough. I am so grateful I found this place yesterday, and echo what other posters have written. The office staff is very friendly, which means a lot when you feel awful. The doctor was very friendly and competent. And it is very clean”

– Diane H.